CFP Journal Special Issue: Empirical Studies of Literariness

Scientific Study of Literature (SSOL)

Guest Editors: Massimo Salgaro & Paul Sopcak


The Empirical Study of Literariness: A Special Issue of The Scientific Study of Literature

As a follow-up to a successful conference at the Paris Institute of Advanced Study in October 2017, the journal of the Scientific Study of Literature (SSOL) is planning a special issue dedicated to the empirical study of literariness. We are inviting paper submissions that contribute to the development of our disciplinary discussions of literariness. We expect the special issue to be an important addition to the current scholarship on this issue. The special issue will consist of an introductory piece by David Miall and up to 9 contributions studying literariness from one or more of the following perspectives: 1) empirical or computational stylistics, 2) literary modes of reading, and 3) literary reading experiences as an interaction of formal or semantic features of literary texts with distinct reading styles.

Please indicate your interest in submitting a manuscript to be considered for the special issue by sending an abstract to Massimo Salgaro ( and Paul Sopcak ( by December 31, 2017. The deadline for submission of papers is February 15, 2018.

All submitted manuscripts will run through the journals standard peer review process.
Please follow the journal’s submission guidelines for authors in preparing your manuscript for submission: