Frontiers Research Topic on Identification and Liking in the Humanities

Frontiers Research Topic

The Impact of Psychology and Neuroscience on Theories of Identification and Liking in the Humanities

Many recent studies have shown how the mainly humanities domains of (i) culture, e.g. literature, poetry, painting, dance, theatre, music, sculpture, and (ii) communication, e.g. language, media, rhetoric, can benefit from mainstream and emerging psychological, cognitive and neurobiological insights, arguments, and methods. Numerous avenues have been explored including neurocognitive poetics, cognition and music, neuro-aesthetics, etc. Two related thematic areas that arguably warrant further and deeper investigation pertain to the concepts of ‘liking’ and ‘identification.’ This will be the focus of this Research Topic.

Abstract deadline = March 15, 2017

Manuscript deadline = April 21, 2017

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