Paris Conference 2017: What is Literariness – Full schedule

Massimo Salgaro (University of Verona) and Paul Sopcak (MacEwan University), in collaboration with the Paris Institute of Advanced Study (IEA) and the International Society for the Empirical Study of Literature (IGEL), are organizing a conference to be held in Paris on the topic “What is Literariness?”.

With the support of:

Fritz Thyssen foundation



Institute for Advanced Study (IEA) Paris

David Miall will offer a keynote address, and presenters will include: Mark J. BruhnNigel FabbFrank Hakemulder, Arthur M. JacobsGerhard LauerWinfried MenninghausYeshayahu Shen, and Willie van Peer.

You can find the registration link here.

The meeting will be held at the Paris Institute for Advanced Study (located in the heart of Paris); and the dates are set for October 10-13, 2017.

You can find the schedule listed below,  and you can hover over authors’ names to find a short bio.

You can download the abstracts (and bios) for paper presentations here.

You can download the abstracts (and bios) for poster presentations here.


Day Time Presenter/Theme
Tues, Oct.10 6:00-6:10 PM Paul Sopcak & Massimo Salgaro

Opening address

6:10-6:50 PM Willie van Peer & Anna Chesnokova

The invisible net

6:50-7:30 PM Frank Hakemulder

Conceptualizing foregrounding: An interdisciplinary research program

Wed, Oct. 11 Empirical studies of foregrounding
9:20-10:20 AM Keynote speakerDavid Miall

The experience of literariness

10:20-10:40 AM Coffee break
10:40-11:20 PM David Hanauer

Intermediate states of literariness: Criticality and literariness in the factual (ethnographic) poem and the fictional prose paragraph

11:20-12:00 PM Anne Mangen, Anežka Kuzmičová, Jana LüdtkeLilla Magyari, & Arthur M. Jacobs Narrative styles and mental imagery
12:00-2:00 PM LUNCH
2:00-2:40 PM Stefan Blohm & Christine A. Knoop Literarinesses: A bag of three-sided coins
2:40-3:00 PM Coffee break
3:00-3:40 PM Moniek M. Kuijpers & Frank Hakemulder Rereading and literariness
3:40-4:00 PM Plenary for open discussion
[4:15 IGEL Meeting]
Thurs, Oct 12 Cognitive and neurocognitive studies of response to style
9:20-10:00 AM Arthur M. Jacobs

Reader responses to style in poetry: A neurocognitive poetics perspective

10:00-10:20 AM Coffee break
10:20-11:00 AM Winfried Menninghaus

Poetic speech melody: A crucial link between music and language

11:00-11:40 PM Manon Jones

Neurocognitive responses to prosody

11:40-1:40 PM LUNCH
1:40-2:20 PM Roel M. Willems

Measuring eye movements to understand the processing of literariness

2:20-2:50 PM Coffee break
2:50-3:30 PM Kathy Conklin & Josephine Guy

Empirical studies of literariness: Understanding the value of authorial revision

3:30-4:00 PM Plenary for open discussion
4:15-5:15 PM Poster & French Aperitif
Fri, Oct. 13 Evolving research perspectives
9:20-10:00 AM Yehong Zhang

Literariness in cross-cultural poem reading

10:00-10:40 AM Caroline KutschJulia Vaeßen & Sven Strasen

T-REX: Triggers of reader emotion and experientiality

10:40-11:00 AM Coffee break
11:00-11:40 PM Nigel Fabb

Epiphany as elaborated surprise, and the literary techniques which produce it

11:40-12:20 PM Don Kuiken

Living metaphor as the site of bidirectional literary engagement

12:20-2:00 PM LUNCH
2:00-2:40 PM Mark J. Bruhn

The proof in the pudding: On the empirical values of literary interpretation

2:40-3:00 PM Coffee break
3:00-3:40 PM Gerhard Lauer

How does literariness develop? An ontogenetic approach

3:40-4:00 PM Massimo Salgaro

Closing Discussion